Pelosi: Trump said in a letter that infrastructure must wait for USMCA

Yesterday at this time the tone was much different

US House Speaker is on the wires saying that:

  • Trump letter to Pelosi said infrastructure must wait for USMCA

Yesterday of course, Pres Trump held a press conference saying infrastructure would not go on as long as the Dems were investigating him.  

The tone is a bit different today.

There were other comments this morning from Press secretary Sanders that:

  • Trump was willing to talk about dreamers in immigration plan
  • White House wants to move forward on debt limit work
  • Debt limit work continues at staff level conversations

It was unknown whether the Pres. proclamation yesterday was across the board – including debt limit efforts (everyone wants to avoid a shut down again, and take that “chip” away from Pres. Trump down the road). Anyway, it seems that things are less confrontational today.

PS Pelosi also accused Pres. Trump of a coverup yesterday.  There is no talk of that today so far.  

So there seems to be a truce of some sorts. 


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