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AUD traders – RBA speakers, jobs report coming up in Australia this week

Two notable speakers from the Reserve Bank of Australia this week,  Deputy Governor Guy Debelle and Assistant Governor (Financial Markets) Christopher Kent.

  • Christopher Kent speaks (local time) 8am on Tuesday 13 August (Wednesday GMT time, 2200).
  • Panel participation by Guy Debelle. As part of the Redefining Conduct in FX markets event on Wednesday at 14 August at 5.30 pm local time, which is 0730GMT
  • Keynote address by Debelle, titled  Risks to the Outlook on Thursday 15 August 2019 at 9 am local, which is 2300GMT (Wednesday) 

The jobs report is Tgursday at 0130GMT. I’ll have a preview of this as we get closer 

Lowe, Debelle, Kent (see the red arrow) of the RBA:


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