Central Banks

BOJ may be shifting closer to further easing

Reuters citing unnamed sources for this on the Bank of Japan meeting coming September 18 and 19

  • BOJ officials less confident of early pickup in global growth
  • Decision on whether to act will be close call
  • Deepening negative rates among key options if BOJ to ease
  • BOJ may need to mix steps to mitigate side-effects

More from the piece

  • Bank of Japan policymakers are more open to discussing the possibility of expanding stimulus at their board meeting on Sept 18-19, sources familiar with their thinking say. 
  • They may not reach a conclusion until the last minute
  • will scrutinise market reaction to expected monetary easing steps by the European Central Bank and the Fed
  • A dearth of policy options could complicate the debate
  • “The pickup in global growth is taking longer than expected, which could affect Japan’s output gap and hurt domestic demand,” one of the sources said. “If risks to Japan’s economy are deemed too high, there’s a chance the BOJ may act,” the source said,


All very inconclusive. Fair enough I guess, its an uncertain world! A decent canvassing of what the BOJ is confronting though I guess. Add the sales tax hike  into the mix (coming in October) 


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