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Forex Trading Is One Of The Best Businesses In The World. You Have No Employees, No Rent, No Inventory, & No Set Schedule That You’ve Got To Work. With Forex Trading You’re Entirely All On Your Own. In This Forex Trading Course For Beginners I’m Going To Be Going Over Everything From A-Z On Forex Trading. We Will Discuss Forex Trading Strategies, Money Management, Fundamentals, And How To Trade With The Smartest Money In The World. I’ve Put This Digital Course Together For You To Enjoy For Free. Instead Of Paying Some “Guru” $299+ For A Useless Course, Take That Money And Start Your Live Trading Account With It When You’re Ready To Trade Forex.

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Welcome To Mastering Forex Trading Academy, Today’s Video Will Prepare You For The Next 10 Days Ahead. Whether You Know It Or Not Right Now, But Your Life Is About To Positively Change For The Best With This Digital Course On Forex Trading. In The Video You’ll Find Out Who This Course Is For, What To Expect From Taking This Course, The Course Outline, And I’ll Also Leave You With Some Tips On How To Maximize Your Success With This Forex Trading Course For Beginners.

This Is The First Video To Start Mastering Forex Trading Academy Digital Course Series. Thank You Again For Your Love & Support It Gives Me All The Fuel I Need To Continue Providing You With The Most Valuable Content In The World. If You Are As Happy And Excited As Me For The New Life You Are Embarking On With Me, Go Ahead And SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON For Me And Help Me Out. I Also Want To Hear From Each One Of You In The Comments. I Love Reading Your Thoughts And Love To Help As Much As Possible. Let’s Connect & Grow!

๐Ÿ•ฐ๏ธ Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome
7:37 Who Is This For
15:01 What To Expect
20:22 Course Outline
33:17 Get Best Results
41:58 My Trading Beginnings
49:26 My Trading Journey
58:44 Trading Shift
1:03:58 You Can Do This
1:07:11 Success Tips

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