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Forex Trading Strategy 2020: Beginner Friendly strategy that Works! (Trend Strategy)

There are hundreds or even thousands of different Forex strategies and, frankly speaking, 98% of them are useless (and complex). Most of the Forex strategies don’t show the results you expect. You want to see more profitable trades, but quite often losses exceed profits.

If this is about you, watch this video carefully as I’m gonna reveal my Forex strategy I use for more than 4 years of trading (it’s beginner friendly). And I’ll show you 5 trades that I made on my real account with this exact strategy.

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You might have noticed that sometimes your trading strategy can perform well. It happens because some strategies work best during a sideways trend, others perform well during a downtrend or an uptrend. There are multiple factors that affect the performance of your Forex strategy.

I personally have 3 trading strategies that work best under certain conditions in the market. And I’m gonna show you one of them.

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