Technical Analysis

Another big move in the last hour of trading The major indices are closing lower on the day after the late day rally fizzled out. Starting the last hour of trading, the major indices were trading at: S&P index 2584.95, down -45.12 points or -1.72% NASDAQ index 7648.96, down -148.57 points or -1.91% Dow 22046.95, down -505.18 points or -2.24% The closing levels are lower
German DAX -3.9%. France’s CAC -4.5%. UK’s FTSE 100 -5.5% The major European indices are ending the week and the day on the downside; The provisional closes are showing German DAX -3.9% France’s CAC -4.5% UK’s FTSE 100-5.5% Spain’s Ibex, -3.8% Italy’s FTSE MIB, -3.4% For the week, the story was more positive as global shares rebounded: German